Take the stress out of moving with Dart Freight

No matter how big the task – whether it’s leaving mum and dad to live in a city rental, or shifting your family to a house closer to the suburbs – packing up and moving house is somehow always stressful.

It’s tempting to blast the budget and hire someone to do everything, but first consider these tips before packing up.

Do you really need that?

We’re talking about that set of golf clubs that has been hiding in your garage and the years of compiled food magazines falling off your bookshelves. If you haven’t used the clubs by now then you most likely won’t and the best place for them is trademe.

One of the basic rules of moving house is to declutter first. Gather items to donate, and things to throw out. Ask a friend (preferably one who has done a big move) to come around to give honest advice. This can save you alot of time and a lot of money.


Think inside the box

Calculate how many boxes you’ll need to pack up your smaller items, such as clothes, picture frames and books. There are many box calculators on the Internet, which take into account number of adults, children and rooms, and give an approximate amount of boxes you’ll need. Use our moving estimator and get a feel for what is needed.

Beg, borrow and steal (maybe not the last part) from neighbours, friends and family. Visit the warehouses of big companies and ask for used bubble wrap and boxes they may be throwing out. This way you’ll only need to buy sellotape (with dispensers) and permanent markers, with the rest of your packing needs sorted. The easy way is to get Bert Tarry Carriers to pack the items for you and we are happy to quote this. It is much easier and less stressful. If you are preparing a move and a wedding then things can get a little more stressful so careful planning is critical

This takes preparation, which is why our next tip is…


Forget about last minute

You should be thinking about hiring movers at least 6-8 weeks before your moving-in day. This gives you time to gather quotes and look over contracts with different companies, and discuss any problems that might arise.

To think about: Will you be moving out of hours, such as a weekend, or evening? Is the quote binding? And are your items insured while in the care of the movers? With time, you’ll have carefully chosen a moving company that meets your needs. Deal with us as we have 70 years experience in Auckland of moving people.

Outsource your packing

Movers are hired, boxes and accessories are ready, and now it’s time for the fun part: packing!

It’s time to call in all favours. Hand family and friends the sellotape and permanent markers and set them to work on filling those boxes.

Ask packers to keep similar items together, such as toys, and mark specifics, for example: Mark’s room – toys, on the top and four sides of the box (you’ll want to see labels on the boxes whichever way they’re facing in the van).

Don’t forget to thank your packers (a housewarming with copious bottles of wine will do), and all the best settling into your new home!


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