Moving companies Auckland, what you should know and be aware of when moving house

If you are looking to move house in the near future here are some things to be aware of. At Bert Tarry carriers we are experienced in office and house relocations and have been moving New Zealanders in New Zealand and overseas for 70 years.
Here are some things to look out for

1. Getting an accurate quote

There is nothing worse than when the big day arrives to move, that an unexpected bill turns up at the end of it. Choose a company with a proper quoting system that covers all your requirements and won’t leave you embarrased or upset. this is where a reliable trust worthy company is important and at Bert Tarry carriers we have been reliable and trust worthy for 70 years.

2. Damage to property

Make sure that you fully understand the liabilities and responsibilities of all people involved in the house move so if in the unlikely event of an accident you are reliably informed about who pays for what and what your rights are. Speak with the moving representative and get a clear understanding on what the insurance covers and any excesses or other things that should be identified.

3. Turning up on time.

What we have noticed over the years is alot of the companies that bid just on price and not service end up not turning up on time. Time is money and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for house movers who promise to turn up on time and arrive 2 hours late. It happens regularly and is the number one problem moving office or moving house can be a major head ache.

Don’t forget to check out our house moving calculator

So don’t worry if you are intending to move. We have your back and would welcome the opportunity to prove that our home moving relocation service is one of the greatest in the industry.


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