Make your move in 2020 easy with Dart Freight

Moving House is Easy…All you need to do is throw your belongings into a mate’s car and the job is done. In fact, the most strenuous effort is probably making sure enough people know when and where to turn up for the house-warming party (with no parents allowed). yea right!!

Well folks that does sound easy but without  a professional house moving expert to guide you the chance of breakages and damage to furniture is very high and lets be honest most of us would not fit our possessions into a mates car or even out car. Hiring a moving truck is a big task and who wants a sore back from lifting the countless boxes of stuff?
On average as adults we will probably move house every 5-10 years until finally settling down to retirement.Each time we move, we will have more belongings and more people to inform as well.

This is where Bert Tarry House and Furniture movers come in to the picture. We are proven in the market place for 70 years, we are reliable and economical. The difference between a professional mover and the guy with the old truck and blankets is your stress levels and your peace of mind
It doesn’t actually need to be that big a deal though if you are organised.
The first thing to get straight is about house movers. In the early days, we might think it is just as easy to do it ourselves but by the time you have hired the van, paid your mates to help and bought enough bacon sandwiches to keep them hard at work, it will probably cost you almost as much and given you double the grief.
Professional Furniture Movers are great, they turn up when you want them, carry everything out for you and then bring it all back to your new place exactly when you are ready for it. They will even do the packing too if you ask them.
There is still some secrets to learn about keeping the move as smooth as possible.
One suggestion is to make sure each box is labelled up for one room only. It will either be for the kitchen, the bathroom, your bedroom, guest room and so on. That way, when it all arrives at your new house, you know exactly where to send it.
You can then concentrate on getting the right rooms up and running first, such as the kitchen to make cups of tea for the furniture movers.

The next place to focus on is your bedroom. Then at least if you get too tired, you will have somewhere to crash. Don’t worry, the other boxes will still be there when you wake up.
The TV and computer should probably be the last things on the list because if you set them up first, you will never get anything done.
The very first time we move into a place of our own, we are filled with the excitement of having our own freedom, working from our own schedule and eating whatever we want, when we want to.
It is never really too stressful because most often, we will leave our parents’ home with maybe a suitcase of clothes, our keepsakes and pretty much no other cares in the world.
After all, we haven’t started to create our own household bills yet. We don’t really get too much mail and even if we did, it doesn’t really need redirecting as mom will sort that for us.

A friend of mine had this down to a fine art. She would have a relative or friend in each room, waiting for the arrival of their allocated boxes. Then, once the box arrived, they were not allowed out until everything was unpacked and tidy. They would then be rewarded with a cup of tea (remember the kettle is the first thing to unpack).
This system works really well if you have enough friends and I have seen houses be fully functional in just 2 or 3 hours using this method.
The House Movers love it too as it means they can be in and out without too much trouble.
So if you are about to move house in Auckland or anywhere really,House Movers are great, friends are helpful  and a kettle is an absolute must!


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