How much should it cost?

The price for moving furniture will vary based on what type of items you are shifting. Moving commercial furniture is quite different to residential furniture as many bed and lounge removalists will tell you.  It is a bit easier to move a filing cabinet than a kingsize bed with four posts. Also the amount of items that need shifting will affect the price
At the time of writing this we have a relocation special on which will be a man and a truck for 4 hours at $300 and this will include furniture if required.

For large commercial moves of furniture it is better to get a quote and deal with us with your specific requirements. You may also be interested in our moving house checklist

We are prompt, efficient and trustworthy so moving anything with us you can relax that we will do a fantastic job at a great price .We get emails most days from clients thanking us for our time and efforts as seen below

Ray Ellis
Just want to thank Roman and Robert for our Sat move last week, top guys friendly and professional, very happy with there service A+ will recommend to others Ray and Emma

Why choose Dart Freight to move your belongings?

Dart Freight removalists have been serving New Zealand for over 30 years and have completed many thousands of moves in that time. We have proven ourselves to be a trustworthy and economical local mover for Auckland and a specialist also as a national mover for New Zealand.

In fact if it has to do with moving we can help you with great advice and furniture moving tips before the big day comes around. being prepared and having good moving advice is critical to ensure both sides are not stressed and that the day goes smoothly.

If you have particularly large items such as pianos we have specialist furniture moving equipment to cope with these items plus some very strong guys who are experienced in moving large objects with the utmost of care.

Having your furnishings moved can be a demanding time. Moving residence and trying to find a moving business that is reputable and trustworthy is likewise demanding so below are a couple of pointers for you to help decide on a furniture removal company to assist you.


If you are moving business in Auckland we can also help you. Our trucks and staff are experts in moving offices, office furniture, filing cabinets, computer desks, chairs and so on.

When speaking with our residence moving customers we get feedback of their concerns from past experiences in moving with other companies. We take these on board when we do staff training and when we deal with out clients. Our focus is to maintain our offer as a trustworthy moving business.

So give us a try and don’t try to attempt jamming the refrigerator or piano into the wifes hatchback. It won’t work and all you will end up with is to be off work for a week with an aching back.

When Rover is all ready to go and has his bags packed, don’t disappoint him with packers that turn up late. Look at that face, can you keep him waiting?

Plainly the most important suggestions is to choose a terrific moving and storage business. There are countless liable, decent moving and storage business that do not have a pattern of problems and naturally in this area we are a bit prejudiced regarding who you ought to utilize.

If you have doubts about who to select have a view at our furniture movers testimonials.. To find out who the best movers are in your area, look no further than Dart Freight.


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