How does moving house affect dogs

When shifting location in Auckland alot of consideration is placed on getting the household furniture and other items that need to be moved ready for the shifting company. Household goods such as crockery, cutlery, photographs in frames and other personal effects are packed up ready to go awaiting the big day and if done so correctly then the articles will arrive safely.
Furniture and large objects such as pianos, king sized beds and so on are measured and room allocated to fit in the moving truck when it arrives.
This all is planned well however one consideration that often gets overlooked is when you move what impact does it have on your pets, in particular your dogs.

Dogs do get very settled into a routine and have certain areas of the house that are marked as their territory so moving can be traumatic and stressful.
Here are some tips on moving house and ensuring your pets get a happy move also.

Step No One
Show your dog the empty new house and have him/her there when the furniture is unpacked or at the very least half way through. The object here is your dog sees old familiar items such as furniture pieces being carried into the new house and this helps cement the situation in your pets mind.

Step No Two
Allocate a nice spot in the new house for your dogs bed and show him/her where this is. Help them settle in by patting them as they lie in bed in their new location. Moving house does not have to be stressful for animals.

Step No Three
Give your dog a meal just after the move is completed in the new house with lots of cuddles and praise for being a good dog. Give him or her a favourite toy and let them see it and play with it in a room where the furniture is located

If you try these tricks when moving then your pets will have a great move as well.
Give it a try and see how you get on.


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