Furniture removal companies. What should you look for?

Furniture is delicate and expensive. Discover the inside secrets of what to look for in a moving comopany so your furniture gets there in one piece.

So you have actually discovered a brand-new location to live in that is larger, much better, and now comes the cold hard truth that you need to move all your stuff that has accumulated over the many years you have been jamming it into your existing house.

You have realised that the move date is getting closer and as this happens the stress levels start to increase.

You have chosen to load your things and pack up your household to the new address in a few weeks your self  and while it may sound like a great idea, after 70 years in this business we know a little different.  Nevertheless as time passes, you recognize there is an issue that can be larger than you anticipated and that is, relocating your furnishings,  delicate pieces, antiques and various other home products from your old house to the brand-new location suddenly becomes a daunting task. Do you fit and attempt every little thing in your 4WD? Do you cross the nation to your uncle who has a pickup and obtain it for a day or 2, or do you call professional house removal companies and get the experts in. We all know the answer to that. Trying to jam the fridge or washing machine into the 4X4 is not going to work and who wants to be off work for a week with a sore back.

Phone (09) 274-2916 for a fast and precise quote or use our quote calculator here. Don’t let this be you below

Don’t get a sore back. Call the experts.

No 1. Look for quality vehicles in the fleet of moving trucks. Trucks that have been designed for the purpose and not something that will just do the job.

No 2. Make sure the company you are moving house with has the adequate protection for your furniture. Thick soft furniture rugs are used for fine furniture and this is a must. They have to be thick and strong

No 3. Ensure the furniture moving staff have had sufficient dealings with moving furniture that is valuable. There is a huge difference in the way cheap furniture and expensive furniture is moved. Ask your moving company if they have experience and what different steps they take when handling expensive and potentially antique furniture.

No 4. Insurance levels. Check with your company and ask them the level of insurance they are covered for and by which company. If it sounds dodgy it probably is.  Insurance for house moving companies is pricey however the quality movers will always chose good insurance companies rather than cheap ones.  If there is a breakage its good to know you have the support of your moving company but also the support of a bona fide insurance company that specialises in house moves.

Here are some pitfalls we see people fall into when trying to move furniture on their own

Borrowing other peoples vehicles to try and move is full of problems. You could cause damage, find out that the vehicle is unlicensed and get a ticket or worse still break down and have the whole project delayed. Fortunately Bert Tarry Carriers are at the ready to help you and as one of the leading furniture removal companies in Auckland. Bert can make that process much easier for you and utilising expert relocating services has its benefits:.

Removal Companies Auckland

Relax while we do all the work. Personally relocating all your house furnishings is a strenuous task which is enhanced by the size of your home. Holding 5 beds, 2 couch sets and a pet dog while driving down the motorway is a recipe for disaster while for a professional mover who is well set up it is a basic job taking hardly an hour.

Bert Tarry Carriers are Aucklands Movers and are expert furnishings handlers. The grand piano in your family room will be relocated from your old-house  to your brand-new one without as much as a key out of sync and your antique furniture will also get the same treatment. Lots of care and attention and no horrible scrape marks. Our guys do really care about your possessions and being specialist movers additionally provides a safety plan to cover any loss and damages to your home no matter its expense.

Well we hope that helps you and we wish you well with your house move. Give us a call if you have any questions . In the meantime here is a very nice email we received from a client recently

“Just want to thank Roman and Robert for our Sat move last week, top guys friendly and professional, very happy with there service A+ will recommend to others.”

– Ray and Emma
Best Regards, 
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